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An innovative new curriculum resource for developing literacy, critical thinking, problem-solving and ICT skills.

Aligned to the National Curriculum attainment targets for Literacy.


Download the preliminary briefing, video interviews, dossier and quiz here. All the lesson plans and resources for The Master Chef Murder are available as a free download at the bottom of this website page. 

Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mysteries for schools are murder mystery investigations aimed at engaging and motivating your students with a range of media. While many of the activities focus on literacy skills, your students will also have to use team work, collaboration, critical thinking skills and numeracy to solve the case! 

These offer all the interactive features and multi-media experiences of our full iBeacon Murder Mysteries, adapted for use in an education setting.

Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mysteries for schools use iBeacon technology to deliver all the information your students need to solve the mystery - the inspector’s briefing, interviews with characters, video, documentary evidence, and some interactive puzzles that need to be cracked before evidence is revealed. These use a variety of simple mathematical and letter codes aimed to test your students, but not frustrate them!

Each murder mystery is fully contained within its own set of iBeacons, which are portable, easy to set up, and can be used anywhere, time and time again. A wifi connection is required to initially download the murder mystery app, but once installed all the information is available off-line, with no further access to wi-fi required. This allows it to be played across a variety of locations.

Although fun and engaging for students, the Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mysteries for schools also address many of the key elements of the Key Stage 2 Curriculum, including:

Year 7 students take on the challenge of the Master Chef Murder

Year 7 students take on the challenge of the Master Chef Murder

  • reading for understanding
  • problem solving
  • critical thinking
  • secondary skills
  • working with others
  • evaluating information
  • communication
  • comprehension

Our forthcoming Masterchef Murder (release date June) has been tested by 12 different classes, across 3 schools. It was originally commissioned as an orientation tool for a taster day for Year 6 pupils who would shortly be transitioning to the school. The iBeacons were set up in key areas around the school (reception, dining room, library etc) so that the children familiarised themselves with the school layout while they solved the mystery. As an orientation exercise the same mystery can be used again and again with each new intake of pupils.

As a classroom tool Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mysteries for schools are an enjoyable way to teach your students their way around new technology, as well as address the curriculum outcomes already detailed. 

Working with a wide range of media, together with the challenges experienced by the murder mysteries itself, your students will soon become familiar not only with the use of the technology, but also the range of tools it can provide - eg screen shots, making notes, editing images, sharing information etc

More importantly Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mysteries for schools are written with the aim of covering the key elements of an exciting and engaging lesson or scheme of work.

On the USB flash drive we supply complete guide lesson plans detailing the activities, curriculum areas, suggested extension activities, and competencies covered.


Click here to download first Lesson Plan

Click here to download first Lesson Plan