Do you have what it takes to solve the case? 

Murder mysteries from Murder Inc require ingenuity, tenacity, perspicacity and above all, an effective team to solve them.

Murder Inc Murder Mysteries use iBeacon technology to deliver all the information your teams need to solve the mystery - from the initial inspector’s briefing, through interviews with characters, video, documentary evidence (or red herrings!), and interactive puzzles, codes and ciphers that may need to be cracked before vital evidence is revealed.

As an ice-breaker or generic “corporate” activity, Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mysteries can be played straight out of the box, with an easy set-up and briefing, with teams moving between beacons, accessing all evidence and information and solving the case at their own pace and to their own strategy.

However for a more targeted experience, to address specific team-building requirements or employee assessments, our USB flash drive contains a number of alternative strategies, deploying the iBeacons, team members, or individuals to address more specific outcomes. Aspects we cover include collaborative team building, communication, delegation, interpersonal skills, leadership development, flexible/adaptable thinking, and working to deadlines. Full set up suggestions and support/assessment documents are also included on the USB flash drive.

Our mysteries are designed to encourage:




Problem solving

Creative thinking

Evaluation of content 

Strengthening of relationships

What do I need?

  • The free Murder Inc app (iOS and Android) 
  • The Murder Inc iBeacon Murder Mystery Box 
  • A team

It's that simple.